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Welcome to Dillard's Salons & Spas

We believe in delivering world class guest care at each of our salon and spa locations. This service delivery includes providing Points of Difference that will set us apart as your salon and spa of choice. This experience includes a warm welcome, a cape for protection, a beverage to quench thirst, a thorough consultation, a stress-relieving ritual, education on homecare products and a makeup finishing touch. To complete the experience, we reserve your next appointment before sending you on your way.

Come and Experience the Difference at Dillard's Salons & Spas! Find a Salon or Spa location near you.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in enhancing the inner and outer beauty of each and every guest we serve at Dillard's Salons & Spas. Our mission is to create an extraordinary guest experience that nurtures, renews, and transcends each guest in mind, body and spirit.

To create an exceptional guest service experience at Dillard's Salons & Spas, our pledge to you is:

  1. To answer the phone promptly, professionally, and listen actively to your needs. You are appreciated.
  2. To welcome you to the salon with a smile, a hello, and a beverage. We will then escort you to the changing room, comfort zone, or offer a salon tour.
  3. To ask you questions that will help us discover the solutions to best serve you, based on your needs and lifestyle. We will use a portfolio of pictures to help in determining the best look for you. We will teach you about the products customized to complete your rituals at home.
  4. To connect you to wellness and a state of serenity with a Stress-Relieving Scalp and Shoulder Ritual or Hand Ritual, depending on your service. You deserve the relaxation.
  5. To continue your wellness experience with a shampooing and conditioning ritual. We will use the products specifically chosen to meet the needs of your hair, both in the salon and at home. Everyone loves a good shampoo.
  6. To listen carefully in the service ritual, and adapt the service to fit your needs. Our mission is to take care of you. We will educate you on the features and benefits of the products and tools you will use at home to re-create your style.
  7. To complete your experience with a value-added service, such as a complimentary makeup finishing touch. It begins with a quick dust-off of any loose hairs around the face, and can end with a complete look.
  8. To review the products used and recommend the best customized system for homecare. We use your personal guest card to record the results of each salon visit.
  9. To reserve your next appointment, before you prepare to leave. Booking your appointment in advance ensures an open appointment time that best fits your scheduling needs, and ensures the availability of your service provider.
  10. To let you know how much we appreciate you and thank you for experiencing the difference at Dillard's Salons & Spas. We look forward to your next visit!

If you have any questions or comments, you may contact us at 1 (800) 422-0770 or via questions@dillards.com.

If you would like to learn about Dillard's Salon and Spa career opportunities, please send an email to salon.attachment@dillards.com.