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  • Thread Count

    Thread count refers to the number of threads, both horizontal and vertical, woven into a square inch of fabric. A high thread count does not always guarantee a quality sheet. Other factors such as cotton used, weave type, number of inserts, and finishing contribute to quality.

  • Cotton Type

    Dillard's exclusive sheets are made with either Egyptian or Supima® cotton, both being better quality fibers because of their long length. Generally, the longer the fibers the better the quality.

    Egyptian cotton is one of the highest quality types of cotton available. This strong, extra long staple cotton with a 1.25” length fiber is known for softness and luster.
    Supima® cotton is licensed and certified by the Supima® Association of America, confirming the product is made entirely of Southwestern extra-long staple cotton fibers grown by members of the association. The association grows the cotton from a controlled seed in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.

  • Weave

    Weaving is a textile art in which two different threads or yarns are interlaced with one another. There are two basic weaves, each producing a different hand feel with pros and cons based on personal preference.

    Percale is a plain weave resulting in a lustrous and lightweight fabric with a smooth and crisp hand feel.
    Sateen is produced with a technique that allows for more yarn surface on the face than other basic fabric weaves, resulting in a very soft, smooth and lustrous finish resembling satin.

  • Ply

    ”Ply” is the number of yarns twisted together to form one single yarn. This process creates thicker threads which impact a sheet's hand. Finer threads allow for a higher thread count and a softer sheet where as thicker threads result in a heavier and more durable sheet. Dillard's exclusive sheets are made with only single-ply yarns.

    Single-ply sheets are woven with single, untwisted yarns, for a superior lightweight sheet.
    Double-ply sheets are woven with a yarn made of two threads twisted together resulting in a single yarn, resulting in a heavier sheet.

  • Depth

    Pocket depth is important to the sheet to insure that it will fit your mattress.

    15” pocket depth fits up to a 17” mattress.
    16” pocket depth fits up to a 18” mattress.

    Dillard's exclusive 600TC Supima® Extra Deep Pocket sheets have a depth of 20” to fit up to a 22” mattress.

  • Finishing Techniques

    We use the top finishing techniques to insure a luxurious soft and smooth hand with performance that will last. All of our exclusive sheets go through testing to insure that the Dillard's quality standards are met and to insure lasting performance. Finishing techniques include:

    Mercerizing: a finishing process used on cotton yarn which saturates the material with a cold, strong sodium hydroxide solution. The treatment increases the strength and affinity for dyes and, if done under tension, greatly increases the luster.
    Calendaring: a process of passing clothes between one or more rollers under carefully controlled heat and pressure for a smooth glazed finish.
    Sanforization: a rigid quality performance program in which fabrics are tested electronically to assure shrinkage, tensile strength and tear standards are met.
    Singeing: a dry finishing treatment which removes lint, protruding fibers, and other detrimental matter from the goods by quickly passing them over or through a jet flame to provide a smooth surface to the material.

  • How to fold a fitted sheet

    How do you fold a fitted sheet? Watch the Video to learn more >

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