Acqua di ParmaEssential Fragrance Discovery Sampler Set

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Discover the different lines of Acqua di Parma, to understand which scented sensation resonates the most with you.
Share a yellow gift of Italian sun, soul and style.

Acqua di Parma's Discovery Set features 10 iconic fragrances in 1.5ml (0.05-oz.) formats from three different lines:

COLONIAS (Eau de Cologne)
  • Colonia: the iconic Acqua di Parma Eau de Cologne that symbolizes Italianity in a universally-loved, reassuring citrus-scented blend
  • Colonia Essenza: a woody-scented reinterpretation of the iconic Colonia with a thrilling perspective that epitomizes authentic sophistication
  • Colonia Pura: an effortlessly elegant illumination of the iconic Colonia as a fresh and blissful twist on the Maison's quintessential Italian lightness
BLU MEDITERRANEO (Eau de Toilette)
  • Arancia di Capri: a fascinating expression of Capri's irresistible magic that captures the sunny atmosphere of a relaxing stroll across the island
  • Fico di Amalfi: an olfactive signature of the Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi Coast that expresses the perfume of the fig tree in all its complexity
  • Mirto di Panarea: an ode to the volcanic landscape of Panarea, an island suspended in time, that embodies the aromatic warmth of myrtle
  • Yuzu: an extraordinarily radiant perfume where the brightness of rare, oriental yuzu notes meets Acqua di Parma’s signature golden fruits
  • Osmanthus: a radiant and sensual perfume distilled from precious osmanthus essence, viewed through the olfactory prism of citrus lightness
  • Quercia: an enveloping and powerful perfume that surprises with the generously rich scent of magnificent oakmoss absolute
  • Oud: a magnetic and decisive perfume where the freshness of Italian citrus notes meets the olfactive opulence of agarwood oil
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