Alex and Ani Chakra Root Charm Bangle Bracelet

Alex and AniChakra Root Charm Bangle Bracelet

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Shiny Gold
  • Color Swatch - Shiny Gold
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Known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, the language of Ancient India, the root chakra is based right at the end of your spine and tailbone. When you think about the root chakra, think about roots of a tree. It is the foundation of your entire chakra system and the key to you feeling in balance. It is said to help ground you to the Earth to feel at home, sturdy, and present. Your root fortifies all your other chakras as well. It is represented by the color red: the color of love, power, and energy, which is exactly what the root chakra embodies. Focus on this point if you need to ground, strengthen, and energize yourself.
  • metal
  • adjustable/pull closure
  • approx. 2"-3.5"
Made in USA.
DMS: 0244 048 A18EBCRSG
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