Artis Elite Mirror Palm Brush Mini
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ArtisElite Mirror Palm Brush Mini

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Artis, the brand that revolutionized the beauty industry with the reinvention of the makeup brush, is proud to announce the birth of the newest member to the Palm Brush family: The Palm Brush-Mini. Due to popular demand, Artis introduces the Palm Brush-Mini, which embodies a minimalist approach to beauty, featuring the same innovative design and technology as the original version, but in a smaller size. A universal favorite, this remarkably beautiful brush further illustrates the Artis message, that a makeup brush should be a work of art, while also delivering superior functionality and allowing makeup lovers to express their creativity through self-application. Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, this minimalistic, handle-free, finger-grip brush allows for focused, stable and comfortable blending and distribution of skincare and makeup. Containing hundreds of thousands of exclusive, trademarked, Artis CosmeFibre, these fibres form a dense and soft bundle, ending with a microscopically small soft tip. This makes blending makeup and skincare products consistent, flawless, and an Animal-Free Beauty experience. Delivering the high standard of application for which the brand is known, the Palm Brush-Mini is ideal for use with skincare, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, bronzer, setting powder and more. It has the ability to target smaller areas, such as under or above the eye lid, along the cheekbone, and around the nose and lips. An excellent companion to other Artis brushes, this mini size could cut your beauty routine in half with its efficient, gliding performance. 

How To Use:
  • Liquid or cream products: Simply apply your liquid or cream product directly to your face, or on the Artis Brush Palette. Use the fibre tips of the Palm Brush-Mini to apply and blend product over desired area.
  • Powder products: Gently glide/place your Palm Brush-Mini directly onto your pressed or loose powder product, to pick up a very small amount. Then blend onto the face or body.
  • To care for your Palm Brush-Mini: Wipe the fibre tips across the Brush Cleaning Pad Microfibre Cloth to remove makeup debris. To remove more stubborn products, pump a small dollop of Artis Brush Cleansing Foam onto your Artis Brush Cleaning Pad and gently wipe the brush fibre tips back and forth until all cosmetic residue is released. For best care, cleanse your Palm Brush-Mini in-between, and after, every use. If needed, the Palm Brush-Mini can be deep-cleaned with mild dishwashing liquid and rinsed thoroughly with warm water. If needed, reshape fibres with fingers, and let dry.
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