Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum

Dr. Dennis GrossC+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum

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What It Is:

This weightless, fast-absorbing gel-serum is power-packed with collagen amino acids plus Dr. Dennis Grossproprietary vitamin C (3-O C technology) and energy complex. Fuel cells for increased collagen production and accelerated repair to improve imperfections like dullness, dark spots, rough texture, andexpression lines.

What's In It For You:

Aging and environmental aggressors deplete energy, disrupting normal skin functions. This new energy-generating serum combines vitamin C with a unique complex that charges skin's battery to keep it fit and tone. Dr. Dennis Grossproprietary energy complex featuring CoQ10, superoxide dismutase, carnitine, and niacinamide recharges skin so it can maximize vitamin C foraccelerated repair and protection to help build collagen and brighten. In addition,collagen amino acids aid in strengthening skin's fibers. Rev up tired looking skinfor an immediately radiant complexion. Long term, experience an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and banish the look of dark spots. Turn dull to bright, slack to tight, wrong to right.

How To Use It:

Massage 1-2 pumps into clean, dry face, neck, and décolleté once daily. Follow with a moisturizer of your choice.

Which Skin Type Is It Good For:

Normal / Oily / Combination / Dry / Sensitive

Key Ingredients:

Vitamins and nutrients essentials for optimal skin functions including firming and brightening
  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Most effective stabilized form of vitamin C maintains its acidic properties to penetrate deep into the skin, working on both the hydro-and lipophilic phases of the cell to minimize and prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles

Energy Complex Superoxide Dismutase - Antioxidant enzyme that neutralizes free radicals, protects cells by regulating cell energy and metabolism

CoQ10 - Potent antioxidant that defends against free radicals and builds collagen

Carnitine - Enhances skin's cellular energy via increased cellular metabolism

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3; helps with cellular metabolism and has anti-inflammatory properties. A potent antioxidant and proven skin-lightening agent.Plant-based antioxidants that help regulate pigment and even out skin tone
  • Emblica - All natural ingredient that builds collagen & prevents its breakdown
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein - Kick starts collagen production
  • Hexylresorcinol - Skin brightening ingredient which comes from bran, works on suppressing melanin production as well as the transfer of existing melanin to the skin's surface

Skin renewal specialists that help generate fresh new skin
  • Collagen Amino Acids - Plant-sourced collagen; smaller molecular weight amino acids which are the building blocks of peptides and proteins
  • Lactic Acid - A naturally occurring AHA that helps speed up cell turnover/cell renewal

1.0 oz. Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paraben Free
DMS: 0056 522 BA555910
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