Fleischer and Wolf Seville Series Stainless Steel & Copper Tri-Ply Fry Pan Set

Fleischer and WolfSeville Series Stainless Steel & Copper Tri-Ply Fry Pan Set

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From the Seville Series collection by Fleischer and Wolf, these fry pans feature:
  • tri-ply design (copper exterior, aluminum core and satin-finish stainless steel interior) that provides fast and even heat distribution
  • stainless steel cooking surface that's hygienic and provides easy cleanup
  • stay-cool long handles
  • safe to use on all types of burners, ovens and grills
  • hand wash
This 2-piece set includes:
  • approx. 8" fry pan
  • approx. 9.5" fry pan

About Fleischer and Wolf: Fleischer and Wolf met on one of Fleischer's neighborhood walks. Wolf was in Charleston, South Carolina working at a farm-to-table restaurant named The Earth. They hit it off immediately and, after a night out at Charleston's Music Farm for some live music, they decided to join forces to find the best tools for creating food and flavor throughout the world and make them available for everyone. Wolf was especially frustrated at the cost of great cookware. Having come from very little and learning to cook great meals on almost anythingfrom stone and clay pots to ancient ovenshe believes that everyone should have access to great, affordable cookware.
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