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MAC Galactic Glitter and Gloss Collection
MAC Glitter



Item #05367214
A glitter that creates a high-level sparkle effect on face, skin and hair. Can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair. (Pink Hearts and Silver Stars Glitter: only for use on Face and Body. Do not use on Eyes and Lips)

 Key Claims and Benefits:

May be used on face, body and hair 

  • Eye: Approved for adhesion on the eye area using Duo Adhesive (sold separately). Not approved for use as eye liner.
  • Lips: Approved for adhesion on the lips using Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (sold separately), Amplified Lipstick (sold separately) and Lipglass Clear (sold separately).
  • Face (except for Lip and Eye areas) and Body: Approved for adhesion using Cream Colour Base (sold separately).
D/M/S: 0005 028 MMJH

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    MAC Lipglass



    Item #04993440
    A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colors that can create a high-gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be on its own or over lip pencil or lipstick, it's the perfect product for creating shine that lasts.  It's pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic color. It contains jojoba oil to help soften and condition the lips.

    Key Claims & Benefits:
    • provides a glass-like shine
    • conditions lips
    • smooths lips
    D/M/S: 0005 028 S3HT

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