Musee Oh What A Night Bath Balm - Detox

MuseeOh What A Night Bath Balm - Detox

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Oh What A Night
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Soak in the swirls of crisp spearmint and milk bath while detox salts clarify your skin of impurities.

What is a Musee bath balm?
  • Handmade with love in Canton, Mississippi, Musee's bath balms are oversized, 8 oz. (a little larger than a baseball). Musee's bath balms provide the spa-like experience you are looking for in your very own bath tub.
  • As it dissolves in your bath water, is soothes and moisturizes your skin as it slightly colors the water. It releases aromatherapy and leaves a slight fragrance on your skin after you get out of the bath.

What is the bath balm made of?
  • The two base components of our bath balms are baking soda and citric acid.
  • Then, combine a variety of natural and essential oils, sugars, salts, honey, milk bath, and a slight bit of food grade dye to provide a wonderful and memorable bath experience. Musee's bath balms are sulfate and paraben free. Safe for children and women who are pregnant.

How to use a bath balm?
  • Simply fill up your bath, place the bath balm in your water and watch the bath balm fizz and dissolve.
  • As it fizzes and dissolves, the bath balm slightly colors the water, soothes and moisturizes your skin as it releases aromatherapy and creates that memorable, spa-like experience.

Who is Musee?
  • We make handcrafted, natural bath products in Madison County, Mississippi. It is our desire to care for our community and help alleviate poverty by creating jobs through the development of excellent handmade products. We hire women in recovery, individuals with disabilities and people that have not had the opportunities of education. It is our belief that everyone has value. Our hope is to create an environment of self dignity where people feel loved and encouraged. A portion of our profits is invested to educate children, provide jobs and create resources that will inspire change in communities throughout the world.
  • We started to help shed a little light in what sometimes is a dark and scary world. We hope that our products bring beauty into your everyday, while inspiring love and joy in your life too. Musee's profits are invested into helping build and restore people's lives and communities in hopes that we inspire change in the world. Help us change the world one bath at a time.

  • Detox Soak, Milk Bath, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Fragrance Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Blood Orange Essential Oil
DMS: 0059 100 BALM-W2006
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