Nostalgia ElectricsClassic Ice Brew Tea & Coffee Maker with Plastic Pitcher

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From Nostalgia Electrics, this pitcher features: 

Perfect for iced coffee, iced lattes, iced tea and more, this system allows you to brew your very own gourmet iced drinks in just minutes Simply place fresh ground coffee, loose leaf tea or tea bags into the removable filter basket, then enhance and customize the flavors by adding ingredients like sweeteners, citrus slices and herbs. Choose your brew strength using the selector dial, then turn the unit on to let the shower head perfectly saturate your ingredients for optimal flavor extraction. Share your iced drinks with friends or place the 3 quart plastic pitcher with lid in your fridge for later.
  • Enjoy smooth, delicious drinks at home Brews the best iced coffees, iced lattes, iced tea, lemonade, flavored water and more.
  • This unit has a retro look that features a chrome surrounded strength gauge on the front as well as a sleek chrome ON, OFF lever on the side.
  • Double Insulated Plastic pitcher holds up to 12 cups and has a large handle for easy lifting and pouring. Includes a three position lid that turns for free pouring, pouring with ice guard or closed.
  • The removable filter basket works with fresh ground coffee, tea bags and loose leaf teas, while the shower head is designed for complete saturation and optimal flavor extraction.
  • Choose your desired flavor strength using the strength selector dial.
  • Add lemon, herbs and other sweeteners to the flavor extraction chamber to further enhance the flavors.
  • When the brewing is done the unit is programmed to automatically shut off.
  • Avoid having to deal with a complicated control panel there is only one stylish chrome knob to power on.
  • Convenient cord storage in bottom of unit.
  • Clear double wall construction keeps drinks cold for hours
DMS: 0725 193 CLIT3PLSAQ
Nostalgia is defined as a longing for something past. Whether it’s that familiar comfort of our favorite childhood foods, a style from a bygone era, or a memory we have or wish we had, we have a unique way of looking towards an innovative future while holding on to the best parts of what came before.

Since the inaugural launch of our Vintage Hot Air Popcorn Maker, we have made our mission simple – to introduce quality family fun and entertainment into our consumers’ everyday lives.

We strive to offer quality, attention-grabbing products that surpass the typical standards of design and functionality.

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