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St TropezGradual Tan Watermelon Lotion

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6.7 oz.
Item #20057798
An everyday glow with a juicy watermelon scent. Lock in moisture for up to 72hrs and gradually build your sunkissed glow. Infused with Hyaluronic acid and a refreshing watermelon scent, this ultra-lightweight gradual tanning lotion absorbs instantly, deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin for an even and streak-free sunkissed glow. Re-apply daily to build your desired depth of tan. Best for those looking for a subtle glow or new to tanning.  
  • A light gradual golden glow
  • Moisturiser with a hint of tan. 
  • Quick-drying & non-sticky fake tan
  • Easy-to-apply, night or day. Reapply daily as desired to build your color.   
  • Streak-free & hydrating for up to 72 hours with even fade 
  • Vegan-friendly & 100% natural tanning active
How To Apply
  • Step 1. APPLY  all over body ensuring no missed patches. Wash hands after use
  • Step 2. GLOW Your tan will develop over  4-8 hours into a medium golden tan. Allow 8 hours before showering or getting wet for the tan to fully develop 
  • Step 3. MAINTAIN Top up as desired to maintain and deepen your tan
DMS: 0099 015 100105135

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