Victorinox Swiss Army6" Fibrox® Pro Chef's Knife

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Item #05007493
From Victorinox Swiss Army, this chef's knife features:
  • lightweight, durable, and hygienic ergonomically-designed non-slip patented Fibrox® Pro handle that provides a comfortable grip even when wetno matter the size of your hand or where you're gripping the handledesigned to minimize wrist tension for comfort even after extended use in the kitchen
  • optimally weighted with lightweight high-quality European steel that reduces hand and wrist fatigue, making it feel less like a knife and more like an extension of the hand
  • slightly-wider blade that offers added heft needed for larger tasks
  • shorter blade length that allows for maneuverability
  • signature long, sloping curve that lends itself to "rocking" very well, allowing one to mince and chop with ease
  • razor-sharp laser-tested tapered edge that's ground in 2 directions, forming an exacting angle to hold a sharp edge longer
  • can easily be brought back to its original sharpness to ensure maximum cutting performance and durability
  • the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certifies that this product is made to the highest sanitary standards, so you can cut with confidence
  • dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
  • approx. 6" blade
  • lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship
  • ships with the international item number 5.2003.15 on the blade
Imported. Expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884.
DMS: 0727 373 5200315X7
In 1884, the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded his cutler’s business. A few years later, he paved the way for an unparalleled company by developing the legendary «Original Swiss Army Knife».

Today, Victorinox produces and sells unique, high quality products worldwide which are of practical use in differing areas of life: Swiss Army Knives, Cutlery, Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances.

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