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We are proud to partner with the international shipping company Borderfree. Borderfree is a trusted international e-commerce third-party service. International orders will ship around the world via Borderfree, but your customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Dillard's, a name you can trust in world-wide quality and service.

This partnership allows you to not only shop across the globe, but also in your currency of choice. Your currency does not have to match your shipping destination. We support over 40 currencies and guarantee the total including tarrifs, currency conversion exchange rate and all required taxes.

  • Certain items may be restricted for import to countries and may be removed at time of checkout.

  • All online orders shipped to the United States must be charged to a U.S. credit card billing address.

  • There is a $25,000 limit of goods to all countries except Russia which cannot exceed U.S. $1,300.

  • Prices will display on the site and at checkout in the currency selected above.