AsparaHydroponic Grower/Smart Growing System

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From Aspara, the Hydroponic Grower/Smart Growing System features:

Grow healthy, fresh vegetables and herbs effortlessly right on your kitchen countertop. Using a combination of LED grow lights, an automatic watering system, and advanced sensors, Aspara is a connected control system for your indoor garden that does the growing for you. The Aspara indoor garden is a smart hydroponics system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution without soil. The intelligent grow light stimulates growth by automatically altering the spectrum and intensity of light provided to your plants as they grow. To suit your living needs, the light can be quickly switched to white, dimmed, or turned off. For growers that love to experiment, the light can be easily programmed to follow a bespoke lighting pattern. Aspara employs built-in smart sensors and an innovative control system to make growing easy and fun. They work seamlessly together to ensure that your plants always have the correct amount of water, root aeration, and nutrients. Using the latest technologies, Aspara automatically detects and monitors nutrient concentration, water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and the amount of water in its system. All you need to do is add water and nutrients when notified to do so.
  • Automatic watering system with proprietary reverse ebb and flow technique
  • 86 patent-pending adjustable LED grow lights
  • Blends red, blue, and white light to provide the most suitable spectrum for plant growth
  • Adjustable in both intensity and spectrum to cater to different plant needs at different growth stages
  • Smart sensors and control system to detect, monitor, and accurately master the grow condition to provide best plant grow environment
  • Monitored parameters include water level, nutrient level, light intensity, humidity, air temperature, water temperature
  • Remote monitoring and control by Aspara apps, iOS or Android version. Planting days ready for harvest 30 days for salad vegetables
  • approx. 21" W x 13.1" D x 14.4" H
  • Note: No seed kit included
DMS: 0725 193 GS1003-W

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