Magna-TilesMagna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark 16-Piece Set

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From Magna-Tiles®, this set features:
  • STEM approved!
  • Appropriate for indoors and outdoors: Every Magna-Tiles® piece is resistant to dents and scratches. It doesn’t matter where you play – these magnetic tiles can stand up to enthusiastic fun in all environments without scratching, clouding, or losing their magic.
  • Designed for children: Though Magna-Tiles® are loved by people of all ages, they’re specifically made with children in mind. Nontoxic materials and three-inch sizes make them safe and easy for toddlers and kids over age 3 to use without instruction.
  • Opportunities to learn: Magna-Tiles® are educational and STEM-approved! Parents and teachers alike have found dozens of ways to use them in activities and lesson plans, teaching valuable concepts like mathematics, science, architecture, and engineering. They also encourage the development of spatial and tactile skills.
  • The pieces in the Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark 16-Piece Set tiles are made with a safe glow formula and comprised of non-toxic, food-grade ABS (BPA-free) plastic. There are no phthalates or latex, so you can feel good about letting your children play with Magna-Tiles®.
  • High-quality ceramic magnets are securely fastened into the tiles with sonic welding for extra durability, allowing your child’s creations to stay intact for long periods of time.
  • With an LED keychain light included, kids can supercharge pieces to activate the glow or leave them in direct sunlight. The longer the tiles are exposed to light, the longer and brighter they will glow in the dark!
  • What’s more, the Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark 16-Piece Set is compatible with other Magna-Tiles® sets, so you can mix and match for maximum fun.
  • Includes:
    • 4 Small Squares
    • 4 Equilateral Triangles
    • 4 Right Triangles
    • 4 Isosceles Triangles
    • 1 LED Light
  • Package Weight: 1 lb 2.5 oz / 526 g
  • Package Measurement: 9 x 2 x 7.5 inches
  • For Ages 3+

*Returns not accepted on any opened, used, or defective product. Contact manufacturer customer service directly for defective products/parts.
DMS: 0479 270 18816

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