Maison MargielaREPLICA Sailing Day Scented Candle, 5.8-oz.

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5.8 oz.


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A luxe, designer candle that warms any room in your home with the fresh scent of Sailing Day.

Recall the fresh and salty memory of an invigorating sailing day. The Sailing Day candle will fill your home with a marine freshness and a delicately invigorating sensation. It is an invitation to explore the ocean, feel the fresh and salty breeze and discover the silence and serenity of the underwater universe. Experience the brilliance of the sea through notes of aquatic accord, coriander, amber, and red seaweed accord for a salty, woody freshness. This candle scent is pure, fresh and aquatic and will reinvigorate your home with a vivifying and peaceful energy.

Fragrance Family: Fresh Woody Aquatic
Top Notes: Aquatic Accord, Coriander, Red Seaweed Essence
Heart Notes: Coriander, Iris Absolute, Rose Superessence
Base Notes: Red Seaweed Pure Jungle Essence, Ambergris Accord, Orcanox

How to Use:
  • The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for at least one hour until all the wax on the surface has melted; it will help the candle melt uniformly all the duration of use.
  • Light up a candle when you plan to spend quite a long time in the room as its scent will be fully released after 30 to 60 minutes. Best is to leave the candle burn for 3 or 4 hours at a time.
  • Smother the flame using a candle snuffer and avoid blowing out the flame.
  • Trim the wick between each usage to obtain a length of three to five millimeters. Reposition the candle wick after blowing out the candle.
  • Never place a lit candle in a draft or on a glass, wooden, or marble surface.
DMS: 0010 401 LD8293

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