OrlaneB21 Extraordinaire Absolute Treatment Lotion

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4 oz.


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What It Is:
This powerful cellular enhancer is the essential first step towards skincare and "opens the doors" of the cells to its active ingredients. Allows the skin to attract and retain water creating an ideal environment for the cells to communicate and make them more receptive.

What It Does:
Restores cellular mechanisms, promoting communication and proper functioning. Provides the 21 essential amino acids fundamental to rebuilding a dense and youthful skin. Protects skin from aging and strengthens its youth. Creates an environment of ideal hydration at the cellular level. It stimulates the skin's natural defenses. Enhances the effectiveness of all anti-aging treatments. The skin is more vital, radiant and young.

Key Ingredients: Exclusive Reset Complex, 21 amino acids extracted from Pale Blue Iris stem cells, vegetal moisturizer complex

Skin Type: All skin types

Skin Concern: Dehydrated, aging, wrinkles, uneven texture

Features and Benefits: Tones, Regenerates, Restores Radiance and Luminosity, Hydrates, Protects

How to Use: Apply lotion morning and evening on cleansed skin
DMS: 0055 016 8531000

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