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Irresistibly sexy, irrepressibly spirited. A semi-Oriental fragrance created by Jacques Polge, COCO MADEMOISELLE is an absolutely modern composition with a strong yet surprisingly fresh character — reflecting the daring spirit of a young Coco Chanel.

Designed in 1921, The Classic Bottle is striking in its simplicity and modernity. The chiseled stopper reflects the geometry of Place Vendôme, which Gabrielle Chanel could view from her room at the Ritz in Paris.

Since then, Chanel has practiced the art of baudruchage to seal bottles of Parfum. Carried out by hand, it consists of covering the neck of the bottle with a fine membrane, which is held in place by a strand of white pearl-cotton thread, then sealed with a black wax stamp.

Rich and voluptuous, yet also incredibly fresh and light. Sparkling Orange notes precede a sensual heart of May Rose and Grasse Jasmine, heightened by a touch of precious Iris from Florence.

Art of Perfuming
The Parfum is the quintessence of a fragrance, with its own specific application. Gabrielle Chanel's advice was to apply it "wherever you would like to be kissed." Using the stopper or the tip of the index finger, simply dab onto pulse points with a delicate touch. Apply to wrists, behind the ears and knees, or on the décolleté, and the scent will release all its sensuality.
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Among the luxurious designer labels, Chanel is one of the most sought-after household names within the high-fashion market. The brand shares its name with the French fashion designer and brand's founder, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel. It was in 1913 when Coco Chanel opened the doors to her Paris shop for the first time. Arguably one of the most successful ventures during the fashion pioneer's era was the debut of her perfumes in 1921. Chanel released its now-legendary Chanel No 5. which forever changed the fragrance world. The No 5. perfume's uniquely 'abstract' construction combined swirling floral scents of jasmine, lilac, and rose with a generous helping of aldehydes. The fragrance overturned the codes of perfumery with its sparkling champagne-like formula encapsulated within a refined bottle. Today, the entire line of Chanel fragrances shares the same class and elegance of its predecessors.


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