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5 oz. Refill


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What It Is:
A refill to go beyond hydration to restore and protect your skin barrier with Kiehl's #1 worldwide best-selling face cream.
Discover Kiehl's #1 face cream formulated with 4.5% Squalane, Glacial Glycoprotein and Pro-Ceramides to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier for softer, smoother skin and 72-hour hydration.

What It Does:
Kiehl's #1 ultra hydrating facial cream with 4.5% Squalane has a unique lightweight texture and lasting 72-hour hydration to leave skin softer and visibly healthier. Formulated with Squalane, Glacial Glycoprotein and Pro-Ceramides, this non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer is clinically demonstrated to hydrate 15 layers deep for softer, smoother, and healthier looking skin. Paraben-free & fragrance free.
Ultra Facial Cream has received the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance ™

What It's Good For:
  • Provides lasting 72-hour hydration for soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin*
  • Strengthens skin's barrier and hydrates up to 15 surface layers deep**
  • Repairs the skin barrier in just 1 hour***
  • Absorbs into skin easily with an ultra-lightweight texture
  • Tested in everyday and extreme environments
  • For all skin types, including sensitive skin. Suitable for men, too.
Key Ingredients:
Squalane: Squalane is a highly refined botanical lipid derived from sugar cane. With an exceptional affinity to skin, this ingredient absorbs easily and is known to help replenish skin's barrier keeping it soft, supple and moisturized.

Glacial Glycoprotein: Originally sourced from Antarctic sea glaciers, Glacial Glycoprotein helps to deeply hydrate and maintain skin's moisture balance. Each time our Glacial Glycoprotein is produced, it's done in an environmentally friendly manner, without further extraction of the glaciers, making this skincare ingredient a renewable raw material.

Pro-Ceramides: Ceramides are lipids that are naturally occurring in the outer layers of skin. Pro-Ceramides make up a large portion of a healthy skin barrier. Kiehl's formula with Pro-Ceramides helps to reinforce skin's barrier strength and help skin better resist external disruptors.

How to Use:
  • After cleansing and toning, apply a dime-sized amount of Kiehl's hydrating facial cream to skin.
  • Use twice daily, both day and night as the ultimate compliment to your skincare routine.
*72-hour hydration results based on an instrumental study.
**In the stratum corneum. Based on an instrumental study vs untreated skin.
*** Barrier repair results based on an instrumental study on tape-stripped skin.
DMS: 0024 351 S49729

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4.69 Rated 4.69 out of 5 starsRated 4.69 out of 5 starsRated 4.69 out of 5 starsRated 4.69 out of 5 starsRated 4.69 out of 5 stars