La PerlaFirming Body Lotion Serum Refill

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What It Is:
A refillable lightweight, vegan body serum with the deep hydration of a moisturizer, this firming lotion contains innovative prebiotics to help protect and nourish your skin's microbiome.

What It Does:
As it glides across your body, La Perla's Firming Body Lotion Serum absorbs and gets to work quickly with its toning and smoothing action, so you can slip straight into your lingerie just a few minutes after application. Its delightfully light, fresh texture counters aging with the help of prebiotics, which maintain a healthy microbiome and promote intense hydration. With a subtle fragrance that combines beautifully with perfumes, think of this as the first layer of your day an intense shot of pleasure that leaves a veil of moisturizing softness, priming your skin to enhance your favorite scent.

This innovative, vegan formula is enriched with the natural prebiotic Prebiulin Aga, to restore and promote a healthy balance of "good" bacteria in your skin. This in turn strengthens the protective barrier a vital step towards optimal skin firmness and health. Rosehip oil is another star ingredient: full of antioxidants and vitamins A and E, and with a high concentration of linoleic acid, it is healing and soothing as well as anti-aging. A blend of nutrient-rich avocado and sweet almond oils accentuate the nourishing, softening properties of the formula, while the innovative AcquaBio plant-based active ingredient is deeply hydrating. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, these potent ingredients work day after day to reveal your firmest, most glowing skin. You will be left feeling toned, smoothed, soft, and caressed by its subtle scent.

How to Use:
To make the most of this lotion serum's firming action, gently massage it into your body with the palms of your hands. Use soft circular motions, and the silk-like formula will melt effortlessly into your skin. We've made this formula highly absorbent, so you can get dressed right after application.
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La Perla Firming Body Lotion Serum Refill-6.7 oz. Refill
6.7 oz. Refill

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