La PerlaNourishing Body Balm Refill

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5 oz. Refill


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What It Is:
Enjoy the biome-friendly benefits of La Perla's luxurious and vegan Nourishing Body Balm, a unique prebiotic-infused moisturizer formulated with indulgent shea butter and natural coconut oil.

What It Does:
Infused with natural prebiotics which work to balance the skin's microbiome, this Nourishing Body Balm is an utterly indulgent step in your self-care ritual. With a delectable, soft fragrance and a lusciously rich, whipped texture, this innovative balm helps to strengthen the skin's epidermis and stimulate deep hydration. Leaving your skin nourished and moisturized, with a subtle kiss of scent that perfectly prepares the skin for your favorite perfume.

This vegan, silicone-free formula is made from 94% natural ingredients that works hard to keep your skin in its best condition. The prebiotic Prebiulin Aga helps to maintain a healthy biome in the skin's barrier, promoting the 'good' bacteria that protect it from sensitivity and environmental stressors. Meanwhile, fatty acid-rich rosehip oil heals and stimulates skin renewal, thanks to its high content of vitamin A and natural antioxidants. For deep, long-lasting hydration, we've selected the innovative AcquaBio and Bio Behneic actives, which also promote collagen production for skin elasticity and firmness. Indulge in the sensual pleasure of using our body balm every day and you can be sure you are taking excellent care of your skin, as it continuously improves health and texture over time.

How to Use:
Designed to be used whenever you want a boost of pampering nourishment or for a rich everyday moisturizing experience. To really make the most of the balm's health-boosting ingredients, massage into the skin as part of your daily body care routine. How much you use is up to how you and your skin feel in the moment.
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