MotorolaCARE+ Non-contact SMART Forehead, Liquid & Food Baby Thermometer

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From Motorola, this baby thermometer features:

The Motorola CARE+ non-contact smart forehead gives families peace of mind when it comes to staying healthy. Conveniently measure forehead and liquid temperatures, such as milk or bath water by simply holding the thermometer within an inch of the forehead or liquid to get an accurate reading, in less than a second. If a high body temperature is detected, the thermometer will light up red, notifying you of a fever. The non-contact feature provides a more sanitary experience for you and your family and is the perfect solution when checking temperatures of sleeping children or babies, without disturbing them. Download the Hubble Connected app to track and store temperature history, monitor fevers over time, share readings, set appointment reminders and medicine alarms, and much more!
  • Accurately check forehead, food, and liquid (milk, bath water) temperatures
  • Readings within 1 inch of forehead, food or liquid
  • High-temperature alert
  • Quick & easy: Readings in under 1 second with LCD display
  • Non-contact: More hygienic & perfect for sleeping children
  • Clinical Accuracy: FDA medical certified for safety and accuracy
  • Automatically powers off
  • Over 1-year battery life
  • Approx. 5.80" W x 1.76" D x 1.91" H

DMS: 0419 268 MBP75SN
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